Monday, March 9, 2009

Nan Cawa

Hanan's not a baby anymore :P She's all grown up, like a mini Salma. The problem I have with her now is that she likes to copy Salma, so she'll be doing super dangerous stuff a one year old shouldn't be doing. She'll climb into boxes (and loses her balance), climb on top of boxes, climb the sofa, make her tricycle move backwards (almost got her in the drain), climb her stroller, sit in the doll stroller, jump off the tilam etc

Love the way she babbles, her vocab now includes : tantik (cantik), eylo (hello), tok, bye, ade (spider), apa lagi ye can't remember... She also understands simple instructions like 'kiss mama', 'bagi babah' and 'stop!' (penting tu)

She loves, loves picture books. Asik suruh read aja, she won't stop whining until we read the book for her.

Do you think Hanan looks like her mama?

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