How to wean toddlers

How to wean toddlers who are down to 3 or 4 feedings per day, will depend on the art of distraction. For example,

  • eliminate the noon-time feeding by giving him more table foods and a sippy-cup of formula (or breast milk).
  • eliminate a pre-nap nursing session by taking him for a walk and letting him fall asleep while in the stroller instead of falling asleep on the breast.
  • eliminate the morning feeding by distracting him with a lively breakfast table with lots of nutritious finger foods.
  • The before-bed feeding is the hardest to give up because your baby is so dependent on that quiet and quality time to settle down for the night. If possible, let your husband or another adult take him to bed so that he is not confronted with you and your breasts which has, until now, always been for him.

Now I've started to dodoi Hanan to sleep. Some nights it works, some other nights "nak susu, nak susu" sambil bergolek-golek..hehehe


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