Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hanan cowgirl senget

This is somewhere near the KT airport. Showed Hanan the horses from across the road and she immediately said nak!nak!So I took her to the beach to look at the horses and she said naik aik, ingat she would be scared but she actually looked toye je the whole time - 3 small rounds. Hehe, budak-budak are always like this, bila nampak the 50cent rides dekat kedai they'd be super excited but when they're actually on it - muka toye. Hehe..wonder what goes on in their minds

When I told Salma that adik was going on the small horsie Salma said she'd naik the big horse. Bila dekat terus kecut perut...hoho..tak naik pun..


himey said...

diorang muke toye sbb diorang tgh making the most out of it..smpi jadi speechless..

DyanaYunus said...

oh oh tau tempat ni! :)
adik lg brani dr kakak, cool