Saturday, October 17, 2009

Checkup foya2

Last week the three of us berfoya-foya at the ultimate berfoya-foya place in Kerteh...mana lagi if not mesra mall :) I was craving for caramel frappucino, I think it's been more than a year since I visited starbucks so takpela habiskan duit Hadi..hoho. On the way to the shop was a booth set up by Kuantan Specialist Hospital..pandai nak cari potential customers!They were checking blood sugar level, blood pressure, weight, height and Rm10 if you want to check your cholesterol level. The results for moi was:

Blood sugar level:5.1mmol/l
Blood pressure: 100/65

Weight tak payah ceritala tapi it seems I've lost 2cm off my height!Yikes.

Overall, nothing to be worried about cept for my cholesterol level. The nurse said that below 5.7 is fine, so mine is still normallah but when I googled it I found out that the ideal level is actually to have it <5mml/l and anything above 5 is considered mildly high cholesterol level. I guess the plate of cokodok udang I had yesterday dah added up a few mmol lagi so beginning today, after all the open house, I will eat things that are healthy for my body and indulge in kulit ayam (once a week?) and fried food (4 times a week?I even misspelled it as friend food..huhuuh..that's how friendly I am with fried food) only occasionally.

To good health! :)

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