Every child is different

Having a child does not really prepare you enough for another, because as I'm experiencing it, one is not the same as the other. As I remember it, Salma was a sweet baby. Always cool and never shouted or screamed unless provoked (by Hadi lah siapa lagi?) She threw a tantrum a couple of times and that was when she was 2+ when I was pregnant with Hanan. When I tell her no, then give her a reason why or distract her, she would always listen to me. I didn't think twice about having another baby when she was 20 months old as she was such an easy baby to care for.

With Hanan, it's a different story altogether. At first when she wasn't mobile yet she was the sweetest baby ever. Little did we know that there's a little baby monster inside..hehe. Hanan grew up faster than Salma did, she learned to communicate earlier and learnt a lot of other stuff sooner than a baby without a sibling. Since she can communicate with us she really used the tool, she's persistent and demanding. If we refuse her requests she would scream and cry. I've tried to discipline her but after 40 minutes of screaming and body tossing on the floor I gave up. It was mental torture for me. This baby of mine screams for food at the store and bites asparagus sticks before we reach the check out counter.

Yesterday when Hadi kissed Hanan goodnight Salma made a scowling face. She stomped to Hadi's bed and sat next to him. Hadi then asked her if she had anything to say. Saying it as fast as she could she said:

"Tadi Hanan push Salma, tadi Hanan bab Salma, tadi Hanan bite Salma dekat hand, tadi Hanan bite Salma kat sini" dengan muka tak puas hati.

Sometimes we punish Hanan, ask her to sit in a corner but most of the time Salma would laugh it off so tak sangka she was so emotional about it. Tak puas hati babah dia kiss the lil monster. Then I talked to her about how my sister was like Hanan, Salma macam tak boleh accept that Cik Yo naughty macam Hanan.

Even though each child is different, the common thing is that they bring you so much joy. My lil monster is clever, friendly, funny and thoughtful. When I give her things she would always ask for another one for her sister. Imagine how this little kid can bully her sister, tengok size tak padan...but Yo is 5 years younger than I am and managed to bully me when we were younger
Look at Hanan's face. Now I have to deal with an obsessive scratcher. She scratches old mosquito bites until it bleeds and even tried to kutil Salma's luka jugak!!!!She kutil-ed her face because her leg was all wrapped up in a bandage.

Love them both, naughty or not. :)


sheri said…
my ayra pun satu kapal la dgn hanan. naughty. adam dulu baik je, thats why i thought (how naive) that having another AND living all alone abroad wouldn't be so hard. but she's the opposite of adam. so congrats to me ;) kadang2 penat eh, rasa mcm terlalu tak larat... pelik kan how they came from the same place but has opposite personalities, just like salma and hanan too. takpe sue, they say the third one will be as easy like the first one. hehe
himey said…
they are so prescious..i do have fantasies bout stealing them..hehe
Gooseberry//Yo said…
hahaha ok comel gile post. rindu dorangg
suria said…
yup sheri..hopefuly yang third one would be less challenging...ehhe..tapi ada fun parts jugak dealing with kids yang naughty..bila fikir2 balik byk yg buat kita ketawa. betul tak?

fahimeh..tak yah curi..nak babysit?heheheh

yo,rindu takde makna..bila dtg sini?nak pinjam camera..hoho
Gooseberry//Yo said…
kejam gile.. nantikan kemunculan auntie bulan 11 or 12. huhu!
SaSsYAnGeL said…
Hanan and Salma reminds me of me mself and my sister when we're little back then ... My sister were very passive and i was very notty and active ... takleh duduk diam ... reading this blog entry really makes me smile ... senyum tak berenti ... sukaaaa~!! both ur daughters are soooo adorable it their own way suria ... :)

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