Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Salma's almost four

A few weeks ago Salma was playing one of the Playhouse disney games on the Internet where she had to type in her name. So I spelled out her name for her a few times then after a few tries she could type in her name on her own. Though sometimes an a or the L was missing from her name. Then a few days after, I saw her filling in the name part in her transformers sticker book. I said to her 'good job!you wrote your name' which she replied with 'but that's not it!!'. Haha..memang la bukan but at least boleh nampak a couple of A's and M's. Then yesterday she tried again using her toy. Adalah O, a weird looking A, P, O again, a normal A and b. So glad that she finally wants to do this on her own. I've tried to help her with it plenty times before but she would say she's too small or she can't do it. I guess sometimes you just have to wait until the kid is ready.

Anyway, Salma is such a chatterbox. If she's with strangers she's really quiet but at home she just never stops talking. Most of the time I tend to tune her voice out but yesterday I caught a few interesting bits

Salma: Mama, macam mana nak draw star?
Me: Like this (drawing on air)
Salma: Draw star kena ada zig zag, tapi dalam head Salma takde zig zag. Kalau drink susu yg dekat TV yang ada gambar ABC, nanti boleh ada zig zag dalam head Salma.

Iklan blackhead remover

Salma: Kalau face saya ada black-black
Me: Hahaha..apa Salma cakap?
Salma: Kalau face ada black-black kena pakai itu
Me:Then what happens?
Salma: Jadi white la!Haha

While feeding the kids rice

Salma: Why you bagi sayur yang boleh tercekikkan baby and big sister?


mon said...

love the zig-zag thingy! cute:)

RuZaNNa said...

Hi Suria,

Anne here.. i couldn't stop laughing on the sayur thing.. sungguh funny lah Salma ni.. :)

DyanaYunus said...

she is soooo clever and i love her! :D

suria said...

well..if you're talking non stop there's bound to be something clever/funny said..hehe