Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kiddos & Ramadhan Mubarak!

She always has something to say..tengah tangkap gambar pun still potpet

Here's Hanan with her drawing

Salma's now enjoying writing and drawing so much that I bought her an ABC book where she can trace the letters with a pen and wipe it off when she's finished. It was only RM20 at popular bookstore but she really loves it. No pictures of the book though.

The other day she was writing something on a paper heart cut out and said it was for me. So I asked her what she wrote and she replied M-A-T-I (dead). Terkejutla mak dia! I took the paper and saw that she actually printed I-T-A-M but she read it backward. I'm not superstitious but it was kinda creepy.Hehe...macam Japanese horror movies pulak..budak tak reti spell tiba-tiba spell mati ok?!..huhu

Hanan pulak is addicted to home videos. First thing she says when she wakes up is e-yo (video). Last weekend she refused to sleep at night because she wanted to watch the videos. It's driving me nuts because she wants me to sit in the special chair next to her. Only that one chair is acceptable. I cannot put my feet on her chair and she gets really moody when she's bored with the videos..we only have so many..berapa kerat je. Hadi thaught her how to skip videos by pressing on of the keyboard keys. she remembers the button but just to release her frustration she would bang the mouse. Anak yang sorang ni lain betul..kasi tensi...hehe..alhamdulillah these couple days dah ok and watch once a day je. Kids2

Ramadhan is just around the corner. I ask for your forgiveness for any wrong doings and hope our Ramadhan will be filled with blessings from Allah. :)


Gooseberry//Yo said...

hahahaha oke lawak gile yg mati tu . sape ajar die sbenarnya? die mmg dah tau susun words and bunyi ke?

suria said...

nope..dia pandai write je