Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hanan Sara is almost 18 months

Hey're almost 18 months now. We love you funny little girl. It's funny when you copy Salma..when I ask 'Who wants vitamin C?' Salma will say Salma and you will say mama (translation: Salma). Apela Hanan ni...I hope in time you'll be nicer to your big sister..please don't kick her face when she wants to look at your books. Salma's been kind enough to read books for you so please learn to share. Sian Salma. You can already join two words together!Great progress...I hope you'll learn your ABC soon and not just dance to the ABC song. We love it when you count even though you're only saying 'two-tee-two-tee' and 'tee-four-tee-four'.And please,please don't poop on the bathroom floor again, today I tried to catch it with the potty but I was too slow!When I said apa ni gross la o-onk kat said 'gross,gross' then said bye-bye when I plopped it in the bowl. Love you fuuny lil girl!


himey said... hanan dah pandai potty ke..rakin still wearing pampers..i tried last time but failed

suria said...

nope..dia just suka buang air kecil and besar kat lantai bilik air..huhu..tak ingat dah how many times I had to pick up poo from the floor!Rakin just turned 2 kan?Salma almost 3 baru ok day and night