Saturday, January 10, 2009

Salma's first day of school

Last Sunday was Salma's first day of school. Ever since middle of 2008, she's been bugging me to send her to school so we decided that maybe she's ready for school at 3+. I didn't really checked the pre-schools available here except for Taska & Tadika Petronas because I guess it's the safest as it's under Petronas. I've gone paranoid after all the kidnapping/murder cases in KL.

Before registering, I took her to Tadika Petronas, Salma freaked out! There were too many students there as they have the 6, 5 and 4 year olds all under the same roof. So instead, we went to the taska and Salma seemed to like it there and she told me she wanted Taska and not Tadika.

So last Sunday was her first day, of course she didn't want to go as she had to wake up early!When I told her she could wear her new powerpuff jeans baru dia bukak mata. Adoi, Hanan is the morning person, Salma the very opposite. Anyway, sampai school around 9am, all the kids were watching this sing along video on TV. Hmm...karaoke ke? Salma would only sit next to me and just guarded Hanan when the other kids cuba nak kiss-kiss. :) Her mood improved a bit lepas nampak donut untuk morning tea break. Tengah sedap makan donut I told her Hanan oo-owk (first time spelling it - I've got no idea?!) and kena balik to wash her. She was okay with it, it was around 10am when I left. Tak nangis..hoorey!

The next day pun sama cept she nangis a bit when I left. Third day baru made some friends, but still didn't want to go to school the next day. Rupa-rupanya they only have the TV for the kids and no activities scheduled for the week. Pelik betul, taula day-care/tadika melayu (the other one is English medium) but at least give them toys ke apa rite? So I decided to let her ponteng for two days and sambung balik tomorrow. Let's see what they have planned for the kids..kalau tarak apa-apa then somebody's got to complain rite? nothing better to do :)

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