Monday, January 19, 2009

Duta Sands

Spent Friday night at Duta Sands beach resort (macam Kerteh takde beach je). We used to find it weird that Hadi's cousin and his family used to spend the night in Kuantan whenever they went shopping there. Now with two kids barulah boleh relate. The normal rate is RM168, lucky for us we googled their website and discovered that the Internet rate is only RM80!!Wahaha...nak tido seminggu pun boleh. The place is okay, nothing fancy but you'll get clean beds and a clean bathroom.
There's Salma and Hanan lepakking on the balcony. Salma was unsually happy for someone who's not a morning person. She was the one who insisted that orang wakey-wakey!

View from our room. Who wants to sleep in the caravans?No thank you.

Definitely not dressed for the beach!

Hanan kept screaming..excited terlebih!

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