Hanan version 10 months +

1) Walks from bedroom to kitchen confidently and most of the time not fall down
2) Has 5 goofy teeth
3) Loves making us laugh
4) Head bangs and sways from side to side whenever she hears music
5) Can eat on her own..loves rice,pasta and chicken
6) Mimics sounds we make..woof,cat,dah,ciken, babah, nanak, and rooster's crow (very funny..tries very hard)
7) Smacks Salma on the head whenever Salma curi her toys
8) Is shy with strangers
9) Loves cuddling and brushing her teeth
10) Copies us when we try to halau monkeys yang attack tong sampah..she'll yell and bang the grill (what mother teaches her baby this?!)

Apa lagi ye Hanan?


sheri said…
she's so cute :) i thought she was a lot older than ayra :).. sebaya rupanya, although ayra muda 2 bln kot.. :)

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