Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthing positions

Yesterday nite I was flipping through my pregnancy book, refreshing my memory on things to come soon. Dah 2 kali bersalin but the anxiety is still there. Anxious, scared and rasa loya. I had the same feelings when I bought the book 6 years ago, Yo ended up having to choose one for me.

I think my first birthing experience with Salma was the worst. We had gone shopping the night before and when we got back Hadi had the nesting instinct so he was arranging furniture until late at night. At around four my water broke and we rushed to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital I had already started having painful contractions. Sleep deprived and tired the nurses recommended pethidine so that I can rest. So tidolah kejap, the pain was still there but bearable, mimpi gorilla la macam-macam and somehow with the medication you weren't sure whether you were dreaming ke betul-betul. Macam high je.

By 10am the medication wasn't working anymore, I wanted another jab but the doctor came and said my labor wasn't progressing well (duh, I was lying down on the bed sleeping) so she wanted to induce the labor with pitocin. I asked her for an epidural first cause I had read that it's going to hurt but my gyne said the doctor who administers the epidural was on his way so we should just start the drip. Bykla on his way, the doc was late as he had an emergency and pitocin was HELL!The contractions were so strong and while I was possibly dying from the pain my PIL,BIL and nephew decided to show up and chat. I only wanted to strangle Hadi's neck! I was wheeled to the labor room where my MIL decided to follow and rub my tummy sambil baca-baca doa. I told her please don't, please don't but she persisted..heheh. I was already looking like a crazy woman so one glare at Hadi and his mom was out of the room.

I don't know whether they gave me a super dose of pitocin ke apa but there wasn't a resting phase between the contractions so I could barely breathe. Masa tulah they gave me the epidural, gahh. Immediately after, my gyne did a VE and I was already 10cm dilated, patutnya tak payah epidural pun! My legs were in stirrups and I didn't feel the urge to push at all, so the pushing part took almost an hour + episiotomy!So lahirlah Salma ke dunia ini dengan kepala yang lonjong :)

How can a person possibly have an easy labor in this position??

It was easier the second time round with Hanan. We had the labor induced as the amniotic fluid volume was quite low. I love, love, love the doctor. She took everything slowly and listened to what I wanted instead of trying to rush things. Induce guna pill, first day half a pill, then the next morning another half.  I was only about 1 cm dilated after the first half, a couple hours after the 2nd half barulah the labor progressed and I was having painful contractions. I had the painful contractions for about 2 hours je and though I asked for painkillers the nurses/midwife buat tak layan je. I was glad as it was still bearable, I could still breathe. I was wheeled to the labor room and there the contractions were stronger and closer apart, that's where the happy gas rescued me and made me happy again. :) Doctor tak sampai lagi and I was already full dilated, when I had the urge to push the doctor pun sampai and asked me to sit in a squatting position while holding my ankles and position my butt on the bed. 3 kali push and Hanan popped out!

Hehe, so insyaallah the third one terus keluar je boleh tak? Some people cannot even feel their contractions. I want to be one of them!!

Ada tak jual TENS machine kat Malaysia ni,siapa tau?

P/s ada kat for RM190! Siapa pernah guna? Berbaloi tak?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Found this lovely website, siap boleh design your kitchen without having to download anything. Best2 but I still haven't figured out what I want to do with the kitchen..kalau ada gambar best bagi link please..thanks :)

P/s website ni macam tak betul lah pulak..baru je bersemangat nak design. IKEA punya best!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things to do

Insyaallah 35 days to go! Can't wait to meet the little baby. Hadi's already given the baby her name and he's already started to call her by name so macam tak boleh tukar dah..huhu..boleh tak? He kinda did that with Salma jugak, I had the last say in Hanan's name so I guess the next baby will be my turn pulak to name the baby :)

I've got the baby's bag ready but I've yet to pack for myself and the kids. I'm not really that worried as the hospital is just 15 mins away. Dulu it was more than an hours drive to Kuantan so we had to be well prepared. Sekarang relax-relax je :) Though sometimes I do wish that I could deliver the baby there, I like the doctor, the hospital, the midwife and the nurses..semua baik-baik and most importantly, they have the wonderful happy gas in the labor room. Annur takde pulak and I just found out about it a few weeks ago..huhu. I keep praying that it won't be a painful labor and I won't be needing any painkillers..hehe.Amin

I'm currently battling heartburn and I don't think there's any more space left for the baby in my abdomen. She's kicking my ribs and tickling my bladder and I can never get a dreamless sleep. I dream about weird stuff, tornado pun ada masuk mimpi. The most worrisome thing is that my appetite's suddenly increased, insatiable hunger and cravings for coke! Oh my, mesti gemuk mendadak lepas ni!!!! T_T

The kids are looking forward to the baby, can't believe I'll be the mother of three soon! We've just ordered an MPV, tho the heart wishes for a small sporty car, the makcik truly needs an MPV to haul all her kids. T_T Makcik T_T Now there's no mistaking me for a 24 year old..ehhehe

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan MFC

MFC, we thought it was for Malaysian Fried Chicken but the M is actually for  Muzdalfa. Fast food joint ala-ala Arab kot cause they also have nasi arab on the menu, nama yang ada mandi2 tu. Other than the rice they also serve pizza and the rest tu similar to KFC.

Sedap tak?

Hehe, I had the chicken set + the mashed potatoes. The fries were lembik so Salma cakap the fries "sedap sangat!!" cause she likes hers lembik. The chicken was too oily for me, and I didn't really like the rest, yang paling best was my pepsi!

The kids loved the place though,just look at the size of the playland..asik ajak pergi lagi.Huhu..will we go there again? Well, Hadi belum try lagi so I'll give it another shot, hopefully their pizzas are tastier than the chicken.

The one we went to is located in Bangi, close to Seri Bangi. Baru je bukak this month if I'm not mistaken. Trylah :)