Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Updates - Hanan

While we were watching Batman cartoon

Me: Ni cerita apa adik?
Hanan: Cite gaduh-gaduh

Her favorite phrase for now is "Ni beli kat mana?"

Hadi: Besok nak balik KL naik car mama ke babah?
Hanan: Babah. Car babah beli kat mana?

Hadi playing guitar

Hanan: Babah play guitar, guitar babah beli kat mana?

Her favourite book - Winne the Pooh

Favorite drink - air peet (air sweet)

Dia dah ada cavities!!Dentist puji gigi Salma but Hanan doc geleng kepala. Definitely cutting down on air peet

Baju mesti matching

Will fight like crazy with Salma over small toys or the TV but when Salma ends up crying, she'll give up and lets Salma have whatever it was they were fighting over..apada

Great at spotting kia spectras on the road ;)

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