Sressful mornings

I've been having really stressful mornings for the past two days. School has just started so it's expected that Salma buat lembik every morning.


Lembik pergi bilik air, sit on the bathroom floor, won't lift her legs to put on her pants etc.

Hanan then woke up and refused to have her diaper changed. After a while she agrees, case settled. Then mintak air, the cups I pick are usually not what she wants. So as usual I had to wait until she finds something she likes.

Before we go I have to warm up the car, but this stray cat asik sibuk nak masuk rumah. Hanan screams bloody murder because she's scared of the cat but doesn't want to stay in the house while I start the car. Hanan screamed "Nak pakai shoes, argggghh,nak pakai shoes, arggggh" because the cat kept coming at her.

When I had to get Salma from the house, the cat took the chance to selit masuk lagi!!Now I was going Arghhhhhh!Hanan was screaming in the car, Salma was taking her own sweet time and I had to get Salma's bekal while at the same time shoving the cat outside. Cat ni memangla buat stressssssssssss gile.

I read jo jo struy's article in the newspaper yesterday, she wrote about the 'KTM dog' and cruelty to animals. Haha, I wish I could have the cat killed, but just this morninglah. Given time to think about it I wouldn't but if someone asked me this morning, I might've said yes. I wonder what the KTM dog did to drive the person crazy enough to shove the pole down it's throat. Jahatkan? I sprayed febreeze at the cat the last time it slipped into the house. The cat smells lovely if you want it :)

And to think it all started with Hadi giving the cat some keropok, nak marah cat ke Hadi nih?Gua stress


Nurul Ulfa said… i pun tgh stress pasal cat panjat our car i bole terima lagi yg tak tahan tu bila dia kencing and left his shit on the car..sgt geram....bukan atas car je dkt veranda depan rumah dekat veranda tepi rumah...stress asyik kena basuh najis2...huhu...nak marah cat ke nak marah tuan cat?tapi nak confront jiran macam takut pulak..tak nak buat dia terasa...huhu..ada ketikanya i rindu dkt bibik i...kalu dia adakan senang..haha
suria said…
hehe..sian ulfa..haritu pun pergi cek rumah rantau laut ada gak najis depan sliding door rumah su..alamatnya pasni jadi mcm ulfa lah..tadi pagi terpk, kenapala takde perangkap kucing macam perangkap monyet tu..hehe..sini takde monyetdah sejak dia set up the traps
airin diana said…
sian nyer su. takpe takpe. byk bersabar :) bleh je marahkan tuan cat. sbb kalau marah cat pun bukan cat paham sgt. hehe

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