Hutan Lipur Air Menderu

It's about 30mins from home. We've been in Kerteh for the past 6 years but yesterday was the first time we went there. Haha..teruk tak?

Once we got there I realised that I'm not a waterfall kind of person. So no regrets of never making the trip before. Even Hanan didn't want to dip her feet in the water. :P Salma was more adventurous and wanted to go for a swim. Tapi baru celup kaki, we saw a FROG jumping nearby!I HATE FROGS!!! we got out of the water and just sat at the bench eating chips and chocolates. Boringnya we all nih..

The place was filled with litter and the water was kinda murky. I kept thinking a frog might jump me. It wasn't a pleasant experience. Hehe. Maybe if we went there earlier when it's reaallly hot I might consider taking a dip in the water. We went quite late arriving there close to 6pm. It was still sunny but not hot enough to tempt me into the water. Bloody frogs!

We ended up eating snacks and snapping pictures. We'll stick to the beaches lah :)


AzaMazelan said…
wah!! u all nih mmg slalu cuti-cuti malaysia ye.. best!
Each time I go there, I'm thinking to myself as I drive along that "road" if it's worth the trouble? Not just the road but the amount of rubbish on the ground and on the tables.
Anyhow, after a cool dip in the water I feel refreshed enough to hit the road again. I was amazed to see crabs in the water. Did you see any?
suria said…
Aza, dekat je dengan rumah :) Cuti2 malaysia selalu tergendala cause asik balik kampung

A Malaysia Experience, I never asked you your name. The only mat sallehs I've seen around kerteh is a couple from Europe and the smart reader guy :)

Yes, rubbish everywhere, even in the water. The trash bins were filled to the max though.

Saw some fish but not crabs. Is it prettier uphill?

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