Busy as a bee

My business is keeping me pretty busy but I love it!

After more than two years I finally slept through the night. Blissful! I woke up to my alarm! Terkejut ok..usually Hanan will wake up at least once for breast milk. I hope she will stick to this, not waking up at night. Heavennn...sweet heaven babeh!!

Breastfeeding mothers surely can relate to this.

Updates on Hanan:
1) She can jump! It's so funny! I'll upload a video of it
2) Can string 5 words to form a complete sentence. The other day she called out "Abang Ayim, abang ayim, buat ape tu?" Fahim was riding his bike and tak faham langsung. Haha
3) Loves drawing
4) Loves "roti anai"
5) Count to 10! She likes playing hide and seek..pandai nyorok pulak tu!Mama dia pun tak dpt jumpa..haha

Apalagi ye? I'm bad at remembering things!

Updates on Salma:
1) She's learning how to read
2) Asik report je who's naughty at school (just like me dulu-dulu..must a trait of a first born child)
3) Managed to swing on the monkey bars a couple weeks ago
4) Finally is good at pumping on the swing. Now I only have to push one kid :)


ijannina said…
good your business doing well=)

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