Home Sweet Home

On the way to KL, I never thought there would be a time in my life where my husband takes pictures at R&R area. Hmm..I guess if frogs pun dah jadi subject I should have expected this to happen

We arrived at went straight to Nandos.
Me: What happened to your fries?
Hanan: Dah kopek dah
Me: $^%$&$

We stayed at The Zon so the kids had some fun time at the pool. The pool was terrible, the casing for the light fell off but the kids didn't mind at all. At least this time the room was free of lipas :)

View from our window. Schumacher was somewhere down there I guess. They had a live performance as well. I had a bad headache because of the noise. Merempit in F1 cars, upper class rempits.

I also had a nice lunch with my girlfriends from Purdue, Atie and Ja. It had been awhile since I last saw them so best gile that we get to meet up :) We had lunch at Santini's, it was a first for me. The mashed potatoes sedappp betul, but I couldn't figure out the secret ingredient..next time cuba lagi!

Fotoshoot at the hotel. Ms Hanan-2 yrs old.

Me: How old are you?
Hanan: Old dah!

Wacky face. Salma - 4 1/2 yrs old

Spot Salma! Shopping for tudung. Don't forget to buy some at http://thehijabstore.blogspot.com :)

Baby Adam b Sabri - 7 mnths . Cute little baby! We had lunch at their place in Sunway and everything was soo good. Glad we got to visit, last time jumpa was ages ago.

I loved this trip cause I get to meet up with friends! We rarely get the chance to do this

Hadi daydreaming sekejap, hehe. Dreams can come true bebeh!

Before she slipped and fell onto the icky slime

We had dinner here but weren't allowed to take pictures inside. Food was great but priceyla jugak. The waitress was always standing close by doing nothing..agak rimas. Maybe if they don't have the standby waitress they could cut down the prices :)

Baby Ahsan. The reason we came to visit. Manchester mari

Tok Ki is always out to get me! Kids and their Tok Ki, all baru bangun tido. That's Ahsan's big brother - Ahmad

Then it was time to go home...Salma had a fever but all was under control. She didn't want to eat anything but oreos so I gave her some in the car. When we arrived in Kemaman for lunch she had something to drink, baru one sip she vomited black oreos..haha..so gross it was like a zombie movie. She's okay today..alhamdulillah, for fine health and the nice trip :)


iza said…
Byk nyee activity cik puan..
Best nye!
python said…
what a cute kids! http://dslrjourney.blogspot.com
ijannina said…
hanan nampak lagi berisi kan dari salma. poyo pulak kedai tu tak kasik snap picture?
naza said…
cute gila anak sab. same droopy eyes :)

btw, kodeng ckp tak i pakai your tudung today? ramai kata lawa hehehe. tapi hassle nak lilit2 masuk plant ni, but belasah je laaa ;p
suria said…
belum lagi..cik abg tak sampai rumah lagi :) mestila cun kalau beli from thehijabstore..ehheheh..
suria said…
belum lagi..cik abg tak sampai rumah lagi :) mestila cun kalau beli from thehijabstore..ehheheh..

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