TMC/Giant has finally opened its doors in Kerteh's Mesra Mall. I'm spoilt for choice!Banyaknya benda boleh beli without having to go all the way to Kemaman or Kuantan. Like my friend said..tempat perabih pitis..hehe. Though now I miss having Mesra Mall all to myself, the place is now so crowded!Now I have to watch where I'm going if I don't want to collide with another person..dulu boleh jalan menonong without anybody in the way..hehe. I hope during workdays the mall would be deserted like it used to be..hehe.


RuZaNNa said…
Suria, i find it really cute when u use the word "menonong" there.. heheh
DyanaYunus said…
TMC tu stands for apa? geng dgn giant ke?

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