Gambang Waterpark

After weeks of hearing Salma's daily whining about wanting to go to The Zon and Sunway lagoon we finally took her to Gambang's definitely isn't sunway lagoon or The zon which she stated the moment we arrived. She didn't want to come out of the car..boleh tak? After a few minutes of coaxing/threatening to leave her in the car, she relented and ikut.

Really didn't expect the huge crowd as it was the day after raya haji. Shouldn't people still be in their kampungs? Tickets were about half the price of Sunway Lagoon's...RM19.90 for adults and for Salma slightly lower, Hanan got in for free. After about 20mins queing for the tix we finally got in..if you're going don't pack your outside food and drinks allowed!I managed to smuggle some crackers and cookies for the kids and that was a smart move. Hadi had to stand in line for almost an hour for food. Haiyahh..if you won't let us bring in food you should at least provide better service!

Okay...tu je the bad stuff...hehe...the kids enjoyed the place and so did Hadi and I. We had nice sunny weather then petang sikit it was slightly cloudy. Hadi managed to get sunburned as he forgot to apply sunblock on his back..kasihan..and I got slightly burned myself because I applied sunscreen that wasn't waterproof!Haha..after an hour in the sun and while reapplying sunblock on the kids I noticed WATERPROOF printed on theirs..haha..barulah I realized mine wasn't.

The park isn't as big as Sunway but good enough for us. They had a couple of the big slides, one family raft slide, kiddies pool, slides for kids, a 'beach', a river - u need to use a tube, and a couple more pools. Our fave was the beach..haha..we have a beach at our doorstep tapi pegi enjoy dekat artifical beach pulak. Overall it was a fun, fun day day despite discovering a kid's stool on the beach!Haha..sungguh gross kan?:P Not from my kid!Must be some kid wearing shorts tu yang tercicir. think I almost stepped on it..pengsan!

Will definitely go again but not in the near future. Salma needs to be at least 110cm so she can accompany me on the big slides :)

Fighting over who gets to sit on the tube..huhu


Noris said…
sounds like you all had fun.. I guess Naufal would love that too.. asyik nak swimming je
suria said…
yup..pergila sunway lagoon noris..i think salma prefers sunway lagoon to gambang..more kids friendly esp if you go on a working day
Kuwe said…
Kak, takda gambar banyak lagi ke. Tengah survey pasal gambar waterpark ni. :)

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