I just finished reading this book which I borrowed from the jugak. It's a compilation of 4 short stories on women in the 1800's. I'm used to reading horror and thrillers but since I don't have much choice at the library, I've been reading just about everything. When I finished the book I saw the ad for other books by the publisher and I just realized that I had read a Christian romance novel..hehe. No wonder the characters were always praying!Loved the book...people in the 1800's are nothing like the MTV generation of today. No booty shaking, breasts baring girls in that century, well, maybe not in public anyway :P

Well, the reason I wrote about the book is because the characters kept eating biscuits!!Breakfast..dinner...hehe. I just had to have some myself...dengan cuaca yang sejuk memang sedap makan biscuits and jam!Don't you think?It's not a healthy food choice but it's absolutely delicious. So I made a batch (I like the recipes w/o egg) and ended up eating most of it! Gemuklah saya, cause the characters in the book had to wash laundry with their hands and had to do chores at the farm..I just picit-picit button on the washing machine..huhu

I will come out of this monsoon auditioning for Biggest Loser Asia II!

Hopefuly not!


himey said… mane library ni ek?kat rantau paya ke? and.. u wont get fat don worry last time i saw u have loads of room still left

i on the other hand, have love handles that i need to get rid off.. so i dance in the afternoons and i call it exercise..hahaha..malu2

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