Sunway Gagoon and The Zon

Sempurna Resort

The hair that mama trimmed

The bangs that got butchered by the mamak!

All the way to and back from KL Salma kept saying "Salma nak pergi Sunway Gagoon and The Zon" macam a broken record. She kept repeating it over and that we're back in Kerteh I thought she would stop but noooo..siap packing stuff lagi to go to Sunway Gagoon tu! So we're planning on going to a waterpark in Kuantan this cuti raya.There's the big Gambang Waterpark and then there's another place called Sempurna Resort which has a nice kiddies pool. Haven't decided on which one to go to, Gambang looks a lot more fun but semestinya my husband prefers the cheaper one..haha. We'll wait and see...


ayla said…
Sunway Gagoon?! Haha.
Salma still "Jealous" ke?

Hehe. teringat time u guys datang rumah =)

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