Rainy days

This is what happens when she wakes up at 6:30am, kong by noon!

Look at Hanan duduk bersila!

Nothing much happening here as we're mostly cooped up because of the rain. It's lovely that they're not being picky with food during the rain spell. Lovely because I don't have to wait so long for them to chew their food. Hanan's usually ok..Salma's the one that's terribly picky. Her favorites are fried chicken (chicken kulit - must have skin or celup tepung), broccoli,cauliflower, cheese, fries and of course anything that is sweet. Anything else must be spoon fed or i need to bribe her with cartoons or candy. Hanan eats almost everything, even kerepek pedas pun makan.

Salma's been waking up earlier than usual. That's really good as she'll be starting tadika next year and will need to leave home by 8:15am. So ni nak try maintain bangun awal so that I don't have to deal with morning tantrums later on :P


Gooseberry//Yo said…
comel bila tgk paper tu tulis "sahabat baik" haha...as if its meant for them pulak
Noris said…
Hi Suria, my son baru je start playschool last month.. their schedule changes completely!! makan, tido semua berubah.. anyway, just wanted to let u know that I started blogging again.. my url is www.nicknackswithnoris.blogspot.com :)

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