Friday, November 27, 2009

The kids' fave place in Kerteh

Salma: Nak pergi cluuub
Hanan: Gi cluuuubb
Salma: Salma nak swimming dekat club
Hanan: Wimming cluuubb
Salma: Salma nak cluub
Hanan: Nak cluubb

When you have one kid whining that's bad enough..but two?!'re most likely to give up and give them what they want, otherwise you'll just get yourself a headache. The kids love the swimming pool. We only have to pay RM31 a month to use the facilities at the club. Murahkan?Where else can you find something as cheap as this? The pools are okay, they have a big adult pool and a smaller kiddies pool + slide. The gym is nothing to brag about but I haven't been there in ages..haha...don't know if they have new stuff now but dulu-dulu takde benda sangat.

Yesterday we had dinner there. After every meal that I've had there I'll always say to myself that I'll never eat there again. Poyo je cause I'll always forget and makan jugak. The food is terrible because they use ingredients yang tak fresh langsung!!!I had rotten brocolli and some rancid butter yesterday which I had to luek..gross. Siapala agaknya the 'brilliant' chef? The previous meal I had there I got some rotten prawns in my kuey teow. I should complain to the management kan?Hmm...tapi biasala, ada rasa kesian kat tukang masak. Just promise myself I would never eat there again..

4 comments: said...

lama tak p swimming kat situ.windu:))) k leni pernah makan kat situ jugak and mmg makanan dia teruk sangat,tapi disebabkan kelaparan lepas swimming,telan jek la...

juaini johan said...

Su report je kat manager dia. I don't think chef tu yang salah sebab maybe duit peruntukan utk sayur fresh tak cukup ;p

Noris said...

When are you moving back to Selangor??? We miss u already!!

suria said...

loving life in kerteh!

memang teruk kan k leni?will complain next time termakan lagi kat sana..eheh