Sunday, September 13, 2009

There's the bats

Kids grow up soooo fast...

Hanan is 19 months now. Some of the things she can do:

1) Climb chairs and the dining table. Once Hadi brought back McDonalds, left it on the table then went straight to see me in the bedroom. The kids were surprisingly quiet so I asked Hadi to check on them. Hanan was already on the table poking the plastic bags with the food!Nampak sangat pelahap..hehe

2) Say two words together: nak cucu, babah ane?, etc. Then the other day we were reading lift the flaps book...she's really good at remembering the things behind each flap. So I asked her to find the bats..guess what she said? "There's the bats!" That's 3 words stringed together!Well done. She can also say eee-back, translation : put it back :) . Salmala asik kena..learned from mama ni..

3) I'm sooo glad ribena dah habis. She always wants ribena in her drink, but I make it really diluted. She just wants the color. She'll always come into the kitchen saying nak aye, nak aye. When I fill her cup she'll say ena,ena (ribena) while pointing at the kitchen cabinet, then before i close the lid of her cup, ice,ice,nak ice. :P This baby knows what she wants.

4) When I ask her what she wants for breakfast the answer would always be EGG!The other day she almost gave me a heart attack at the store. Tengah bungkus telur dalam plastic and si kenit ni pun tgh capai telur jugak...luckily tak pecah

5) Whenever we're in the car and she sees a flat clear land she'll say BEACH!

6) Loves reading and repeats words easily. Though she has a problem with saying balloon, she says something like tutu or butu?! for balloon.

7) Copies almost everything that Salma does, she sometimes mimics us when we pray.

8) Everytime we switch off the light, night or day she'll say goo-nite..

9) Loves shoes, knows how to run

10) Listens to instructions..sometimes when Hadi asks Salma to do something and cik salma buat dek je..the little sister will push salma and say go!go!

11) She's a daddy/babah's girl. Since we don't have a bibik anymore, she's closer to Hadi. Always greets him when he comes home from work and seeks Hadi's company when doing her activity...When Salma was little it was always with me or bibik je. I like it better this way that the girls get to be closer to their dad. Better dad then bibik rite?

12) What else? Oh..she's good at making animal noises..can even make pig's oink oink with her nose upturned..hehe

13) She can pee when i ask her to but refuses to do it in the potty...on the floor bebeh

14) Is uncomfortable when she has onk onk in her diaper, or when her hands are dirty...she'll say nak wash,nak wash...onk-onk!onk-onk!...should be able to toilet train her but she refuse to potty..maybe dia nak potty yang canggih..

15) kick a ball

Okla..that's it...till later

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