Thursday, September 3, 2009

kids kids

Kids with Hari Raya shoes..Salma had to pick a pink one-with hearts and smell like strawberries. That's hadi with his rm4 haircut..hapela pakcik tu potong :) Good things no cheap, cheap things no good..hehe

Hanan with chocolate lipstick..we left home at 6:45am on our last trip to KL. Terrer!!

Kids with lollipops...Hanan says e-pop. Salma duduk bersila mula-mula and Hanan had copied her...Hanan copies almost everything that her sister does. Hadi told her to get her own identity,as if budak tu faham..ehehe...right now Hanan asik buat bunyi grrrrrrrrr everytime things are not the way she wants Salma like behaviour

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sheri said...

okla tu, dari adam, copy ayra punye behaviour, lagi pening sbb i ada 2 1 yr olds..hehe.. nak attention kot