Thursday, September 3, 2009

hujan oh hujan

How appropriate...Ad for Takaful...sediakan payung sebelum hujan...:)

Wanted the big umbrella and not the smaller one

It's been 2 weeks of fasting and the weather has been just wonderful. Ever since the start of Ramadan, we have sunny mornings then overcast afternoons and maybe rain in the evenings. It makes fasting a lot more easier when it's not crazy hot. The kids however have not gone to the park for so long..kesian betul....Salma has made the tempat sidai her jungle gym. Yesterday, another 3 kids were on my tempat sidai...nasib tak roboh je. Hanan is one of them. She wants to do everything Salma does.

I think Salma would love doing gymnastics, I would sign her up for lessons if there was a place in Kerteh..malangnya takde..

Another two weeks till raya!

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