Sunday, February 22, 2009

Out of the house

It was so fun to be away from home for a change. Hadi had work in Kuantan so the three of us tagged along. We had a wonderful time, I enjoyed it more than I should. It's just so nice to have a change in the daily routine :)
View from the balcony. Nice isn't it?
Kids being jakun in the bathroom

Salma in her new swimming suit

Hanan's turn to use the ancient bathing suit (not in the pic) from when Aishah was a toddler. Aishah's 21 this year. Haha

1 comment:

iza said...

aikh.. mane komen saye?? hehehe.. hilang kot.. curi2 guna internet kat ofis.. maybe tak sent kot haritu..
wah.. enjoy ye kat sana.. best nampak..
nak keje lain la.. burink!!