Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jon & Kate + 8

Got the chance to watch the show yesterday. The last time I watched the kids were much smaller, sekarang semua dah besar and havoc gile! Watching the show made me realize that if Kate can handle 8, I should be able to handle the two without any complaints. :)

Any screaming from my girls could never (I hope)compare to their kids.Jon even mentioned that sometimes he wishes he could cut off his ears..haha. Though recently Hanan's screams are replaced by constant whining. All of us minus Hadi kena cold. Dah pergi clinic on Saturday, and Salma was already much better a day after but Hanan was just not herself. I decided to take her back to the clinic and the doctor said it looks like she may have an infection in her lung. Since then, Hanan's used the nebulizer 3 times. The last one would be tonight, insyaAllah the infection clears up. It's so depressing seeing her so lethargic.

Before she got sick her pastime had been to get me to open the fridge door for her so she could look inside and pick what she wants to eat/play with. Can't believe I'm looking forward to layan her kerenah now! Pray that she gets better soon :)

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sheri said...

I baru baca pasal Hanan. ciannya.. i feel so sad and depressed when my kids are sick.. rasa mcm nak trade places.couldn't bear to see them suffer...kan?