Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hanan Sara is 1 tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Nan! She'll be one year old tomorrow. I used to think that the days would seem longer and duller if I were to stay at home. Boy, was I wrong. Time flies so quickly, tengok-tengok dah malam. And tengok-tengok Hanan has grown so much. It feels like only
yesterday I was in the hospital trying to get her out of me..eheh. :P
Hanan's fave word is definately Babah. I really don't get it that everytime she hears anyone say mama, she'll say babah. Grr..
She's currently in the mimicking phase, she'll repeat our words so fish becomes ish, kakak = tatak, ball = baa, cat = at, shoes = shsss. But still no mama.
She now also responds with nodding or shaking her head but I don't think she understands what it means. Because when I ask her something she'll nod then geleng pulak. Or maybe she's just excercising her next muscles. :)
The fridge is still her most loved appliance in the house, always holding the handle and looking up at me expectantly. Her fave thing in the fridge is yoghurt, any color or shape it's in she'll go for it. Well, it's a tie with vitagen or any youghurt drink. She also screams when she sees both at the supermarket and holds on to it until we checkout.
Loves the slide and running at the park...bathrooms because she loves to play with water...screaming leafy veges...pasta..cheese..Salma's bottle...and very recently looking at picture books.
Apalagi be continued lah...


sheri said...

Happy birthday cute little Hanan! She's so adorable.. no mama yet ey? Adam pun lmbt ma..always Pa. But Ayra dah leh mama, love the baby talk kn? which makes me feel it's all worth it (staying home to take care of them)..:)

jun jusof said...

Happy Birthday Hanan! Sorry lambat wish. Tak celebrate ke Su?

suria said...

sheri:yes,semangat je she babbles tp tak paham anything pun :)

jun: hi jun..ala, buat cake from the box je :)

deqnor said...

happy bday hanan...rajin sue blogging..eheheh deqnor takde bakat nak nulis..rajin2 update blog yaa..

monina said...

wow she looks different la masa lahir. happy birthday sweetie. So mama nyer bake cake ke? :)