Byebye Kakak

Hey...still in the raya mood. Raya becomes so much merrier when you have kids around. Yesterday when I left for work, as usual Salma salam and suprisingly added, Selamat Hari Raya mama. So cute :)

The day before she asked me where are all her duit from raya. So I told her I'm going to masukkan duit dalam bank. Then she said no and said, "Salma nak masukkan...masukkan....masukkan dalam Toys r Us" hehe...apala kids these days.

I posted this and realized I hadn't explained the title...well, the maid will be leaving for Jakarta in about a month's time and return here to work for my mother in law. Hope the kids will like having me at home...ahahah...I do hope I don't turn into a Momzilla! Erk!

Just called the Indonesia embassy and all is okay for her trip. Previously we had to get a surat cuti from the embassy so that she doesn't have to pay taxes going out of Jakarta. Now that her passport has her Malaysia address, there's no need for the letter.

Airasia pulak slashed checked in baggage to no more than 15kgs. Each extra kilo in access will be charged RM15. Huhu...Siapala balik kampung with less than 15kg?I'll ask her to wear layers what they do in Amazing race rite?


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