Little People's Drawings

Hanan made this drawing. Babah on the guitar, Hanan singer ( looks a lot like a boy), Salma on the keyboard and yours truly jadi drummer. Maya got really sad because Hanan didn't include her in the band. Haha, tak cukup space kot. Tetiba je she cried and I was confused as to what triggered it. Rupa-rupanya she felt left out. Sian baby =)

Yesterday Hanan made another drawing of our family. Even Abd Rahman was in the pic ;)

What made me worry was that she drew herself as a boy lagi, huhu. Ever since she was 3 or 4 she's refused to wear skirts or dresses, baju kurung takpe and she loves toys that are usually marketed for boys, we've bought her hot wheels, soccer ball set, Transformers etc. She wears Ben-10 underwear and t-shirts and she just lovesss superheros!

We've been to the mall and seen women dressed like men, so I've asked her before if she wanted to be like them when she's a grown up. Alhamdullillah she said no!

Haihh, things that mommies worry about.

Pray that Allah guides her to do only what is pleasing to Him

Here is Salma's drawing of a cartoon character I'm not familiar this sailor moon? Don't think they have wings, hmm..
And lastly, this is a painting by Sumayya. If she draws three then she'll assign each character with Mama/Babah/Maya. Yang tak cukup she'll always say, "Salma dalam poyot babah, hanan dalam poyot mama" Haha

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind.... or forgotten."

Author: Lilo & Stitch


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