Jalan - jalan hujung minggu settle bill poslaju, sambil JJCM =)
Al Safina Nasi Arab di Kijal. We've been here before..dulu the taste macam so so je..we got old fries and nasi arab yang rasa mcm dah siap masak 8 hrs ago. 

So this time round takde high expectations pun tapiiii..sedap la pulak!! Probably they have a new manager or chef kot. Everything was good. We had Chicken Mandy, Lamb Mandy and Lamb Kebab. I'd be a total failure if I were a food blogger, nampak makanan je terus ngapp so no pictures of food..wahahha :P
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I'm at my fattest right now at 59kg!!!! (cries)

I had a relaxing time at the restaurant as these two lil ones takde request duduk tepi mama. Yahoooo!

The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor section, siapa nak duduk aircond boleh duduk dalam.
 Duduk luar pun okay as the restaurant is by the beach..ada angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa =) 

Below is the resort just across from the restaurant, it's under the same company but I'm not sure of the name. Siapa nak datang Terengganu can try this place, it looks nice just a bit isolated. Siapa nak vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city bolehla datang sini.


your daughters memang super cute!!

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