Sally turns 8!

Hadi wanted to throw a big party but wanted me to be in charge of the prep so I said no way. Since he's always away I know I was going to be stressed out if we were to do it. So I suggested to Salma that we visit Petrosains instead of having her birthday party (at first she wanted to go to the museum, best ke Muzim Negara??) She agreed and was cool with it. Hanan yang tak cool, "Tapi mana boleh, birthday kenalah ada cake, ada party". She kept saying this everyday sampai la party at Tok's house. Tok had the same idea as Hanan, haha. So Tok ended up buying the cake which I later decorated with the Minions Salma bought earlier and had wanted to save for her birthday next year. Haha, so kesian. 

We told her the party was for Grandpa so dia tak tahu menahu. Hanan saw the Minions on the cake and kept asking why was I using the Minions? Bila cakap "this is a surprise party for Salma, don't tell her", harusla she went straight to Salma and told her. T_T Luckily Salma ignored her, and when we sang Happy Birthday she was surprised when we sang happy birthday to Salmaaaaaa.

She's going to be a teenager soon!! Don't grow up so fast Salma :(

As usual, Sumayya yang terlebih excited!!

Thaqif asking a it your birthday Salma?hihi

This was Sumayya's turn blowing the candles

Happy fairy

Eat the minions!!


Haha, everyone took turns blowing the candles, karang tengok balik lupa siapa punya birthday yang betul-betul ;)


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