Sunday, September 15, 2013

My little bunny

 My little baby has grown. She's lookin like a big girl now, ever since her birthday she's into wearing jeans. All this while she's been against wearing long pants, always in shorts but suddenly it's jeans morning and night =)

She's also into accessorizing, can you spot her belt and bracelet? Now she carries a little bag every time we go out.

 Sometimes she plays until all her batteries have run dry. See the rubber band? Hehe, sometimes it's her bracelet

 Sometimes she gets into trouble!! She also likes to tease her sisters (payback time?)

 Time out! Only recently she listens when we tell her to say sorry, it used to be a big NO! every time we ask her to apologize

We still don't know if she knows what sorry means =)

 Sometimes they're best buddies

Lil miss fashionista!


Gooseberry//Yo said...

haha ganasnye foto album

suria said...

i know!dia frust rasanya sebab cannot take the pics out