Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Impiana Cherating

Short visit at Impiana Cherating =) Hadi had a last minute change of plans, kena pergi Kerteh earlier than scheduled. Everything in Kerteh was fully booked so we had to spend a night in Cherating. An Ok hotel, ok sebab I can see lizards around the hotel!!Haha, my least favourite animal in the world.

The kids loved the tyre swing. Lama tak nampak, when I was younger there were a lot of swings made from tyres. Sekarang kalau nampak pun dekat beach je. Malaysia dah maju, hehe.

Didn't let the kids swim as we had to get ready for our cab ride to Kerteh. My usual driver (ewah) Pak Mat Noor. A really nice guy, bila I batuk-batuk siap bagi an unopened packet of lozenges. If you need a ride in Kerteh you can call him at this number 019-9611616.

Was happy to learn that Impiana had a kids room, but bila sampai I was shocked. Sangatlah buruk!!Come on, it's not that hard to maintain a kids room. The guy tending the place was smoking when we arrived. T_T He straight away put on Madagascar for the kids but it was really hot as the place doesn't have aircond. huhu, balik bilik lagi bagus.

Well, at least the hotel was in Cherating so the beach looked really nice and clean. So the kids ended up playing with coconuts at the beach =) 

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