Seafood at Senibong, Johor

During the last school holidays we followed Mr Workaholic to Masai Johor. Masai, ada apa di Masai? TIADA APA APA! Hahahaha

Well, luckily the hotel staff recommended Senibong for dinner. Ada gak la attraction semasa di Masai. The place was about 15mins away from where we stayed, rugi tak pergi dinner dua kali kat sini =) There were so many different kinds of seafood, and quite a few gerais to choose from. We dined in the first gerai. I wanted to eat kepah but dalam kelam kabut nak persuade Salma to eat seafood saya tersilap order kupang. Hadi ordered the big black crab, I'm not sure of the name, Hanan ordered sotong celup tepung and Sally the 'darat animal only for tonite girl' ordered beef in oyster sauce. We added telur dadar and 2 types of sayur. Over kan but we finished everything because it was really good!

It was the first time I tasted the big crab, I prefer the regular ones we get at pasar, I think the meat is sweeter softer.

What I love about this place - good food, fast service and no fishy smell from the sea! They also serve dessert =) Coconut jelly only..hehe

Orang Johor kan memang pandai masak ;)


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