Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Got this from my update

Fasten your seat belt! Your toddler's probably on an emotional roller-coaster now: One minute he's as happy as ever, and the next he's a mess. It may be a year or two before he outgrows temper tantrums. Until then, expect to deal with regular outbursts of anger and frustration. While it's difficult to predict what's going to spark a tantrum, you can cut down on their frequency by making sure your child gets enough sleep and eats well during the day. Remember, a hungry, sleep-deprived toddler is a meltdown waiting to happen. 

It's happening on a daily basis! I try my best to soothe her but if she still won't stop I just let her blow off her steam. The tantrums usually happen when she's tired or when I don't understand what she wants. It also happens when I give her cut up grapes! hahaah

 Love u bebeh!

It's a new experience for us as parents as she's the first to throw a full tantrum in public. We'd have her crying and lying down on the floor with her limbs flailing. Best kan? And she's not even 2! People usually say it's the terrible two but I don't think my baby is terrible, hehe. Well, not yet :P

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