Sunday, May 15, 2011


We're planning on sending Hanan to school next year so I it was time to teach her to clean herself after she does no.2 in the bathroom. Punyala tak nak, she can wash herself after no.1 but no.2 takut terpegang o'onk. So what I did the other day was go into the bathroom with my hand full of sambal..hehe..I told her she could either wash herself or I have to do it with the sambal hand..heheh..terus dia buat, tak pulak she suruh basuh tangan. Hehe..she kept checking her fingers for stools with a really worried look on her face.Bila dah siap I made a big fuss out of it, tepuk tangan and told Hadi, Hadi and Salma also gave her a big round of applause..hehe. Now eveytime after o'onk she washes herself. We haven't installed the proper hose so I still have to help her with it. Next kena beli soap dispenser and install it within her reach.

Me:Adik jumpa tak bontot adik, yg circle-circle tu
Adik: A'a, circle macam O, O for Uncle Om

Yesterday Hadi had to take his cough syrup, two teaspoons. Hadi biasala manja-manja bila sakit...

Hadi:Macam mana nak tau two teaspoons ni?
Me:Cuba check label, ada tak dosage berapa?
Me:Ala, selalu 10ml, minum je 10ml

Suddenly Salma was back inside the room with not 1 but two teaspoons..hahaha..lawak betul


airin diana said...

cutenye anak2 su ye. tp x penah lagi jumpa.
kena minta tips from su caner ajar diorg potty train ni.. since bile dah bley ajar ek?

suria said...

su two years old baru try,hanan by 2 and a half dah fully off diapers :)