Saturday, May 28, 2011


When I first registered Salma at Al-Fatih@BSP ada jugak rasa tak sedap hati because compared to Tadika Petronas the school is a lot smaller, no air-conditioning system and the kids read their books sitting on the floor je.

Surprisingly when I asked Salma whether she likes al-fatih or tadika petronas, she will always say al-fatih. When she was at tadika petronas I would ask her everyday what she did at school, her standard answer was "coloring lagi" (with a sigh). Now, she'll tell me different things each day, she described the games she played, talked about how a teacher used a puppet, food tasting & a lot of other fun things! She'll be singing new songs and sekarang ni phase berzikir,hehe. Siap Hanan pun dah berastaghfirullah..hehe.

I think the management of tadika petronas should send their teachers for proper training in pre-school teaching lah. Tak pun get a Pengetua with a degree in early learning or education..huhu.

I'm glad that Salma got the chance to have a fun tadika experience, alhamdulillah ada slot kosong at Al-Fatih :)


Ijannina said...

I had similar experience Sue. Around 1 year ago, ashman's daycare close shop but two teachers there said they were interested to operate home based daycare if we wanted to send ashman. We all mula2 risau coz the old daycare spacious gile 2 storey semi-d with big lawn whereas their home is small normal 3 bedroom house. But apparently Ashman love the place more:). Alhamdulilah.

AzaMazelan said...

kids normally x kisah pun sekolah dia canggih ke tidak.. yang penting, pembelajaran yg disediakan menyeronokkan mereka.. slalu parents yg berkira lebih lebih.. hehe.. bersyukur Allah bukakan hati u all utk daftarkan Salma di al-fatih..