Washing machine amok

Baru je positive about the washing machine sekali it went on a non-stop cleaning cycle..2 jam pun tak siap..hahah. When I tried the second load everything was back to normal :)

Yesterday we went around BSP, most of the shops are small sundry shops, kedai alat tulis ada banyakkk and small restaurants. So far we haven't found a nice place to have dinner, tekak pantai timur kot :P Hanan asked for a big apple donut when we were cruising around yesterday. I almost laughed tapi kesian makcik ni..but Allah is kind, Hadi stopped at a gas station for my touch n go card and bought some donuts without me telling him about Hanan. Happyla dia, she ate two.Our tekak mat salleh pulak was craving pizza yesterday but Dominoes does not deliver to BSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a shock..haha. This is the ultimate kampung life

Salma pulak on Hadi's first day to work tanya, "Mama pergi mana malam-malam ni?" Hehe, Hadi leaves for work really2 early in the morning, the moon is usually still glowing in the sky.It's either that or go through the jam kan?

To new surprises and adventures...weehoo


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