Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Blogging from our new home :) Sambil nyamuk sibuk2 nak gigit - our backyard is a mini forest

Loads of stuff to unpack despite putting away 10 boxes for storage!

Yesterday the girls were riding their bikes in front of the house when Hanan came to me complaining Babah tak bagi naik bicycle pergi park. Hehe, sian dia. She's so used to riding the bike on our street, pergi park, pergi rumah Kak Nah yang jual ice-cream batang. Tiba-tiba nak cycle in front of the house pun orang dah freak out. It's so different here, a lot of cars and they really go fast!

Can't wait to move to our own house where the kids can play at the park just in front of our house.

Praying that life here will bring us as much happiness as the Kerteh kampung life :)

I miss my friends :"(  but I need to stay positive! One positive thing today - the water pressure to the washing machine is very good!!!!Laju betul, cepatla aku basuh baju kat sini..hehe


iza said...

If su tak miss me pun takpe..haha. Tp, i miss my intention nak visit su. Tu la dulu, asyik tangguh2 nak gi umah su, skang su mmg dah takde kat Kerteh.. sedihh...

suria said...

hehe..miss semua orang..jom la lepak sini masa fendi kerja kl..jd rmh tumpangan..eheh

iza said...

So far fendi je gi kl :(
iza still tak berani nak pindah ngan anak2..
tgk la nnti2...