So long's been awhile since I last updated! Cerita pun dah lupa..arkk! Busy with the tudung business, itu pun not that many customers pun, imagine if I've got like 4000 followers like some do they manage!?!

Been toilet training Hanan and it's been tough! Yesterday caught her pooping in her trainer pants so I picked her up and rushed straight to the stains for me to scrub!Alhamdulillah...tapi she kencing pulak on the bed but since I cannot find anything wet so another YES for thick absorbent trainer pants..jiwa kacau la if asik kena wipe kencing T_T

This morning Salma cried out "Mama tak betul!Salma nampak friend Salma Luqman pakai baju lain" when we arrived at school. She was in her sports attire and her classmate Luqman was wearing the uniform. Rupanya sports practice is over but the teachers tak bagi memo. Haha...luqman pulak was crying this morning and didn't want to go to class cause he saw Salma wearing sports attire and thought he yang salah. Macam-macam.

It's so hot in Kerteh and I'm at my lowest energy level. I'm alright when I'm in the air conditioned room..but there's only so much you can do cooped up in a room..bilala boleh masak in an air-conditioned room?Heaven kot ;)


Noris said…
Me too.. been so busy lately. Suria dah pindah rumah ker?

I just got the tudung from my sister yesterday..

Thanks Su.. Good luck with the business. :)

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