Birthday present

Hanan's birthday is just around the corner. I'm thinking of what to get her for her birthday. Last year for Salma's birthday we got her a rocking horse and tent from our credit card points. Lepas tu rasa bersalah because we didn't spend on her I asked her to pick a toy from toys r us. She couldn't make up her mind "Banyak sangat toys, Salma tak tau yang mana satu!" So we came back empty handed. Haha. Same as me, if things are berlonggok-longgok, especially time sale, I'll most likely end up not buying anything!

I get my weekly newsletter for and they have a few suggestions for two year olds:


Her first set of wheels

Dah ada, now she can even use Salma's bike. Dia pedal separuh-separuh but she can make the bike move..if only I can get her to use the handle bars properly, ni asik langgar tembok je :)


All aboard

We've got her tricycle and Salma's bike and scooter outside, I just bet Hadi will give his veto of NO


Set her genius in motion

We've already got a lot at home. She enjoys scribbling :)


What's for dinner?

Yes. This is what I wanted to get for her! A kitchen set but Hadi suruh dia use her imagination and guna all the other toys and create her own kitchen..hoho..true, true. Salma likes playing house and she creates her bed from old cushions and table from a stool. Siap ada tablecloth lagi :) But I love it when Hanan washes her hands olok-olok kat toys r us. Comel!


For beach or backyard fun

Dah ada


Reading treasures

We have the library and borrow new books every week. Jimat :)


The gift that makes a splash

Hmmm...our bathrooms have more than enough toys already!hehe


Tools for the budding architect

Sudah ada


Here we go!

Sudah ada, but she doesn't seem that fascinated with pull toys


Making Connections

She's just started playing with puzzles. I was surprised that she could do some of the pieces unaided. We already have a few at home. Should I buy more?

Banyaknya toys anak-anak saya. They have almost everything but why is it that it's never enough? 8-( Haha..I guess the mommy needs to take it easy!!Hadi mesti totally agree :P


Nurul Ulfa said…
su...kita nak bagi view..apa kata su n hubby treat her special on that day..example su n hubby bawa her just her to somewhere yang mmg she love like sunway lagoon ke? or petro sains? anywhere.. to spend quality time with her..for me as working parents ni + have more than one kids sometimes the kids susah nak dapat perhatian kita sepenuhnya always have to share with the other on her birthday one of the way to make that day special for her is to treat her special..tapi kalu dia nak kakak ikut bolelah bawak kakak sekali..but still hari tu dia sentiasa get special treatment than other siblings..lagipun toys kita biasa beli walaupun bukan her birthday and this is another way to educate the child yang material is not everything u still can be happy and special although u don't have the material/things that you want..another idea is u can make a scrap book or a personal story book that consist a story about u make the story and used a picture of her to describe the sentence...

ala kan creative so why not u make the present tak payah beli pun..I'm sure they will love it if not now in the future they will be just my humble opinion...

p/s keje housewife pun working juga cuma keje kat rumah!
suria said…
thanks ulfa..macam from jon and kate + 8 je sebab ada tengok their episodes yang dia bawak anak-anak diaorg jalan sorang2..but they have eight!hehe..sian pulak nak tinggal salma :)

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