Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kiddos & Ramadhan Mubarak!

She always has something to say..tengah tangkap gambar pun still potpet

Here's Hanan with her drawing

Salma's now enjoying writing and drawing so much that I bought her an ABC book where she can trace the letters with a pen and wipe it off when she's finished. It was only RM20 at popular bookstore but she really loves it. No pictures of the book though.

The other day she was writing something on a paper heart cut out and said it was for me. So I asked her what she wrote and she replied M-A-T-I (dead). Terkejutla mak dia! I took the paper and saw that she actually printed I-T-A-M but she read it backward. I'm not superstitious but it was kinda creepy.Hehe...macam Japanese horror movies pulak..budak tak reti spell tiba-tiba spell mati ok?!..huhu

Hanan pulak is addicted to home videos. First thing she says when she wakes up is e-yo (video). Last weekend she refused to sleep at night because she wanted to watch the videos. It's driving me nuts because she wants me to sit in the special chair next to her. Only that one chair is acceptable. I cannot put my feet on her chair and she gets really moody when she's bored with the videos..we only have so many..berapa kerat je. Hadi thaught her how to skip videos by pressing on of the keyboard keys. she remembers the button but just to release her frustration she would bang the mouse. Anak yang sorang ni lain betul..kasi tensi...hehe..alhamdulillah these couple days dah ok and watch once a day je. Kids2

Ramadhan is just around the corner. I ask for your forgiveness for any wrong doings and hope our Ramadhan will be filled with blessings from Allah. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today's my birthday!Yikes..I'm 28 years old/young. I have to jot this down else I might forget it when I'm how my parents forgot it was my birthday...haahaha.

Hadi brought us to the bookstore yesterday and we just followed him around until he said..'jangan la ikut I'. Hmm..ape kena la mamat ni..rupa-rupanya he was trying to buy me a card..hehe..tahpape betul. So I said I don't want a store bought card..I want something he made, cause when we were dating he used to make me cute little cards with really corny poetry that he cut and paste from the Internet..Well, yesterday he took me by surprise because it wasn't at all corny but it made me cry..usually I cry because I laughed so hard at what he wrote but yesterday I was deeply touched..ewahewah.

Salma gave me the card and said it's from Salma, Babah and Hanan. On the cover is a picture of the kids and inside, of Hadi and I along with the cut,paste and modified poem. Hehe..the words were just lovely and it's the best card I've ever received!This is by far the best birthday ever...hehe..last year Hadi forgot my birthday so maybe next year it'll be something in between..hehe

Friday, August 14, 2009

Udang geragau yang mak suka

Click title for pembongkaran asal usul udang geragau yang sungguh sedap dibuat cokodok!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hanan at her best

She wasn't sleeping not a cruel mother..she was a willing subject..hehe

Hanan wearing Salma's 'glass slipper shoes'

Making a funny face

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sushi King Face

Here's Hanan after tasting the pickled ginger at Sushi King..she looks real funny in the picture..below is a video which I took after the picture

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Salma's almost four

A few weeks ago Salma was playing one of the Playhouse disney games on the Internet where she had to type in her name. So I spelled out her name for her a few times then after a few tries she could type in her name on her own. Though sometimes an a or the L was missing from her name. Then a few days after, I saw her filling in the name part in her transformers sticker book. I said to her 'good job!you wrote your name' which she replied with 'but that's not it!!'. Haha..memang la bukan but at least boleh nampak a couple of A's and M's. Then yesterday she tried again using her toy. Adalah O, a weird looking A, P, O again, a normal A and b. So glad that she finally wants to do this on her own. I've tried to help her with it plenty times before but she would say she's too small or she can't do it. I guess sometimes you just have to wait until the kid is ready.

Anyway, Salma is such a chatterbox. If she's with strangers she's really quiet but at home she just never stops talking. Most of the time I tend to tune her voice out but yesterday I caught a few interesting bits

Salma: Mama, macam mana nak draw star?
Me: Like this (drawing on air)
Salma: Draw star kena ada zig zag, tapi dalam head Salma takde zig zag. Kalau drink susu yg dekat TV yang ada gambar ABC, nanti boleh ada zig zag dalam head Salma.

Iklan blackhead remover

Salma: Kalau face saya ada black-black
Me: Hahaha..apa Salma cakap?
Salma: Kalau face ada black-black kena pakai itu
Me:Then what happens?
Salma: Jadi white la!Haha

While feeding the kids rice

Salma: Why you bagi sayur yang boleh tercekikkan baby and big sister?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hanan Sara is almost 18 months

Hey're almost 18 months now. We love you funny little girl. It's funny when you copy Salma..when I ask 'Who wants vitamin C?' Salma will say Salma and you will say mama (translation: Salma). Apela Hanan ni...I hope in time you'll be nicer to your big sister..please don't kick her face when she wants to look at your books. Salma's been kind enough to read books for you so please learn to share. Sian Salma. You can already join two words together!Great progress...I hope you'll learn your ABC soon and not just dance to the ABC song. We love it when you count even though you're only saying 'two-tee-two-tee' and 'tee-four-tee-four'.And please,please don't poop on the bathroom floor again, today I tried to catch it with the potty but I was too slow!When I said apa ni gross la o-onk kat said 'gross,gross' then said bye-bye when I plopped it in the bowl. Love you fuuny lil girl!