Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Salma and Ahmad @ TC

Here's Salma and Ahmad playing at Telok Chempedak in Kuantan. Ahmad is Salma's cousin and he'll be here for another few weeks before the family flies back to the UK. I love the first photo, Salma macam pirate dahla baju ada parrot!Hehe..
Belive it or not, it's actually our first visit to TC after 5 years in Kerteh. Didn't know it's a lovely place. The beach is clean with white sand, there's a Mcd, KFC and other smaller food stalls. There's also some gerai selling souveniers and a playground for the kids. Will definitely come back soon....and memang very soon be continued..... :)


sheri said...

you know, if i ever come back to malaysia, i'd wanna stay in kerteh.. best la :)

mon said...

mana si kenit lagik sorang tu:)

Anonymous said...

Boring nye... takde bende interesting lagi ke?

suria said...

sheri..takdela best sgt..jgn tertipu..

hanan tido la mon

haha..boring ke?mmg belambak blog lain yg lagi best..

Gooseberry//Yo said...

sape anonymous?gile loser. ex su kot wakakkaka