Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hyatt Kuantan

Wonderful holiday for us - minus Hadi. His company had an event at Hyatt Kuantan and he was part of the organising comittee. He had to work late hours while his family had fun in the sun! :) We got a wonderful room in front of the swimming pools. The kids loved the view plus they had rocks outside that they enjoyed throwing. Downside was that we had plenty mosquitoes in the room.

Kids being jakun in the hotel room
Kids at TC

Small playground at Hyatt (didn't smell too good here) where Salma blew bubbles and Hanan attempted to the same.

One more please. Each kid got a cone. Once we bought one to share with 3 -it was a terrible2 experience


Gooseberry//Yo said...

su smalam yo g makan kt restaurant gasoline. SDAP GILEEE! die ade air nama peterpan, cinderella, tarzan. yg tarzan tu choc shake,whip cream n banana. heavennnn!

murah plak tu! dkat ngan mines, times square pn ada.shud go there!! kite smua!

bile nk g hyatt lgg?nk ikuttt!

lina said...

hehe sue, mana cukup satu cone share 3 org...kalau lina 2 cone pun puas. Kenapa sekarang saya makan banyak...huhu...

suria said...

it's okay lina..u're eating to make milk!!