Monday, May 25, 2009

KL Trip

First time posing with the twin towers

Salma's topless because Hanan flushed her bikini top down the toilet!

Bus driver takde penumpang

This is what Tyra Banks in ANTM meant when she said "catch the light" :)). Love this pic!

I've been busier than ever, travel sana sini. But in between duduk lepak je so takdela busy mana. :) As usual we tagged along when Hadi went to KL for his training. We stayed at Equatorial Hotel KL, friendly staff but the hotel looks like it needs refurbishing here and there. Plus room service was a bit more expensive then the rest of the hotels we've stayed at (not many..hehe). Though the have nice comfy pillows (very important!).
Anyway, we were all touristy this time eventhough KL (PJ/Bangi) is our hometown. We're all kampung folks now and visiting KLCC is exciting! The kids loved the hotel or any hotels pun...hyper and tak duduk diam. Highlight of this trip was when Hanan threw Salma's bikini top into a flushing toilet...Salma saw her top being sucked in but couldn't do anything about it...neither could I. It was so funny but Salma was crying, she was so proud of her swimming suit..baru beli pulak tu..heheh...Hanan blur je :)


ayla said...

hahaha. that's funny.
bijak hanan. I like~
haha. so Salma dapat bikini baru la ya ;)

mon said...

very funny! why she did that? sajer2 or lepas geram?

suria said...

actually salma was sitting on the toilet, hanan campak baju nak suruh dia pakai :)then terus masuk jamban..hahaha

suria said...

ayla,salma dapat swimming suit Pasarayaku...hahah..rm6 je...yg dulu mahal ingat blh last a long time..haha..boy was i wrong

MIHLYLE said...

yeay salma dah belaja jd model haha