Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bored :P

I'm getting bored with the I've taken to rearranging everything in the house. Haha..sian.

Some people commented that they want to stay at home too, I told them work is fun! Apart from reading books and playing with the kids, there's not many fun things to do at home..if you have a bibik then that's another storyla. Though I'm excited to get back to the working life I still cannot bear to leave the kids to be cared by the nursery or some sitter. I'm jealous of Hadi when he goes off to work every morning but I still remember how exhausting it was to go to the office then come back home to immediently take the kids to the park. Before, everything after office hours was about Hanan, Salma & Hadi but no ME time at all. Now everything is a bit more balanced and I love it. But I miss working!

It'd be lovely to get some part-time something where I'll get to mingle with adults and accomplish exciting tasks.


Gooseberry//Yo said...

kerjala kat abv grafik

sheri said...

tell me about it. sometimes i can't wait to start school full time (july), can't do much when u stay at home, 99% attention to the kids (tolak the occasional surfing time). masa keje pun bosan gak, i'll miss the kids plus orang lain jaga tak sama ler. entah.. i guess there's no clear cut answer kot. if u finally figure what which is better let me know :)

suria said...

hahah yo..very funny :P

Yup sheri..entah bila baru blh figure it out :)

mon said...

it's always a 50-50 thing. Masa dlm pantang pun amat boring duduk rumah tak sabar nak kerja, but once dekat ofis tak sabar nak blk ambik ashman! That's why I always wanted to work as kindergarten teacher haha. Try lar do some part-timer, or open a boutique? babies shop? So I can come to shop *wink wink*