Monday, April 27, 2009

We just love the beach!

Another weekend with no where else to go..let's hit the beach! I didn't realized that the waves are now ok for swimming. The kids would have loved it. Though Salma managed to let herself "accidently" fall down in the water.
Look at Hanan's teeth, she has 10 of them now. Lately she's been giving me a hard time when it comes to brushing her teeth. So, as I did before with Salma, every brush will result in mama making funny faces and wiggling like a worm so Hanan would stay still. Huhu...


ayla said...

hye sue, hope semua sihat2 belaka.

mcm dah nak ada eyebags je hanan tu. tido lewat eh? ke kuat nangis..

Anonymous said...

su pg zoo melaka biler??tunggu esah balik...puhlease =D