Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gigi sakit

A few days ago Salma got into a little accident with the broom. As usual, she was teasing Hanan. She was doing circles around Hanan while holding the broom which she had just grabbed from her sister. I was at the kitchen when I heard a thud. Rupa-rupanya Salma dah jatuh and she was cupping her mouth. Blood was all over her hand and when I checked her mouth I saw that one of the lower teeth was loose. We brought her to the dentist but by the time we got there the tooth wasn't loose anymore. I don't know how that happened, need to google it up. Moral of the story was to not kacau her sister anymore, but did she learn anything from it?Hm..probably to not run around with a broomstick but she still kacau her sister..what to do?

See, my teeth are intact!
Well, aside from that she's also role playing as a dog...
After her shower..
Me:Salma pakai baju!
Salma: No, Salma kan dog. Dogs like this, tak pakai baju. Don't you know?
Lunchtime, I was frying keropok..
Me: Salma ambil keropok and makan kat depan
Later when I checked, she was eating the keropok off the floor and going woof woof
I wonder why she does this, probably not getting enough attention..sian Salma..


MIHLYLE said...

hahaha.... lawak la salma, mane la datang ide nak jadi dog.... mesti comel... haha... so gigi die rok je? pelik...

mon said...

alaa cian tgk gambar yg 1st sakit betul. tulaa main penyapu lagik ahaks